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Friday, September 10, 2004

Is it an issue of artist's rights or the slow vampiric bleeding of your wallet?
Lucasfilm Defends DVD Changes

Lucasfilm spokesman Jim Ward told SCI FI Wire that the company strongly defends Star Wars creator George Lucas' right to make controversial alterations to his beloved original trilogy of films in the upcoming DVD release. "It comes down to what [Lucas] has said constantly, which is that he very strongly believes in an artist's right to have his work presented in the way he wants it presented," Ward said in an interview at the press preview of the DVD set in Los Angeles. "In terms of your own personal art, and how you want it to be presented, the artist has that right."
Check out the article if you want to see exactly what the changes were - I did, because I'm sure as hell not buying the DVDs just to see. I've got the trilogy on VHS released before the '97 versions, which E has on VHS. Lucas, like Bill Gates and Sam Walton, has had enough of our cash.

I mean, he edited the edits, for God's sake.