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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Well, it's far from a done deal, but E felt her phone interview with Cornell went extremely well. She won't know for awhile because the folks in the ESL department will be "out of the office" until July 5. Now, this postion has been posted since late May and they presumeably wanted someone hired before August 1st (because of various orientations that are scheduled around then). I could be wrong, but my feeling is this: they already had someone who they were willing to settle for until getting E's CV and that of one other person who was to be phone interviewed right after E. I think the fact that Cornell is considering her this late in the game is a good sign.

One recent development that would be icing on the cake as far as a move to Ithaca was posted by Guru Mushtaq Ali. Since he re-plugged my blog recently, I now have the ideal opportunity to re-plug The Traceless Warrior.

Guru Mushtaq is the senior instructor of Silat Zulfakari, which is based on Cimande, in which I've dabbled in the Fight Club. It's based in CA, but apparently Guru is setting up shop in Upstate NY, as well. Regardless of what happens with the interview, E and I are planning to go to NY, so I will be taking him up on his training invitation sooner or later.

DATU_B - Ha ha! Just kidding ;). Hey, give me a year and maybe we'll play fimbo vs. shillelagh.