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Sunday, June 19, 2005

As promised...

Here are some of the friends we had to say goodbye to near the end of our weekend at the campground where we "roughed it" - before our on-site showers. These aren't half of them, though, or even a representative sampling, but that's ok.

The little lady next to the wife belongs to two of her closest NY friends. The last time we saw her was two years ago, and I swear she seemed so tiny that I could've held her in my cupped hands. How's that for cute?

campsite EandK

After all of that, we made our way back to the Mom-in-Law's, and finally had time to have dinner at one of two restaurants: Pietro's last year or Beijing Garden this year. We always make this a treat for MOMMA_ZOO. That's her and the Wife toasting. The last picture is now a tradition - the faux "plastered at the restaurant" shot of the Wife.

beijing garden cheers

Another tradition when we visit Elmira is the visit to Harris Hill where all the gliders are (because that's what Elmira is known for besides the various historical figures and celebrities, like Samuel Clemens, who've spent more than ten minutes in the town). Still, it's pretty scenic and we got to see a nice sunset.

feet psalm

The feet, from left to right, are the Ma's, the Wife's, and mine.