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Thursday, June 23, 2005

How about some more long overdue pictures of the ol' Road Trip?

Most of day four was spent in the City of Rochester, about two hours away from Elmira, where The Wife had "that interview that didn't turn out so well." It wasn't like she fell apart, or anything like that. Just that the face-to-face details about the gig were vastly different from what was discussed via emails and the phone interview.

Remember this little one?

Well, he had lunch with her and her mother before E's interview at a place where I had a pepperoni and egg sandwich for the first time. It was also the first time I ever saw one of these roving billboard thingys (sorry I only caught the tail end of it).
rochester lunch billboardcar

Afterward, E went off to her interview and I got taken on a quick tour of Rochester. I saw a million and one things, not the least of which was the corporate HQ for Kodak. My favorites were the School of the Arts and High Falls.

High Falls, Rochester NY High Falls, Rochester NY

I'll post about the rest of the day later. Got stuff to do right now.


Brent said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your trip to "Ra-cha-cha". Could you believe that waterfall? About a 90' cascade right downtown. Rochester really is a nice place to visit and I'd like to invite you back. I'm trying to help tourist with a couple of resources. First is a guide book for a walking tour of downtown that you can preview at www.TourTheLoop.com and the second is a cheesey little site that can help you find a discount hotel room at www.TravelRochester.com .

I can't believe you've never seen a billboard truck. They are annoying little creatures. Not long ago I saw one get stuck and tear-up the driveway ceiling at the Clarion. I guess the sign that gives the max height was written in cuneiform that day.

Thanks for visiting Rochester. I'm glad you enjoyed the trip.

Don said...

So, did you find this by accident, or Google "People who blew through Rochester one day" to plug your websites? And, before 8 am, no less? :D

That being said, I did enjoy "Ra-cha-cha" (wtf?), and I'll forever remember Spot Coffee.

Now, if you really wanted to help, you'd hook me and my wife up with that cute girl in the one picture...