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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Probably my most important one...

You know that email petition that keeps circulating about how Congress is slashing funding for NPR and PBS? Well, now it's actually true. (Really. Check at the bottom if you don't believe me.)

Sign the petition telling Congress to save NPR and PBS:


The House of Representatives is about to vote on whether to slash funding for NPR and PBS, starting with "Sesame Street," "Reading Rainbow" and other commercial-free children's shows. If approved, this would be the most severe cut in the history of public broadcasting, threatening to pull the plug on Big Bird, Cookie Monster and Oscar the Grouch.

The cuts would eliminate more than $200 million for NPR, PBS and local stations immediately, with more cuts likely in the future. The loss could kill beloved children's shows like "Clifford the Big Red Dog," "Arthur," and "Postcards from Buster." Rural stations and those serving low-income communities might not survive. Other stations would have to increase corporate sponsorships.

The House will vote on the cuts as soon as Tuesday. Can you help us reach 1 million signatures calling on Congress to save NPR and PBS?



P.S. Read the New York Times story on the threat to NPR and PBS at:

I read about this on Mushtaq Ali's blog over a week ago, but had no idea it was this close.

UPDATE: Wanna see something funny? I've been searching the internet for legit, thought out arguments in support of the cuts, and I came across this: A message board user on Storm Front's website who actually disagrees with PBS funding cuts! Now, I have no idea about this person's views on racial issues, but in any case, it was one of the last things I'd expect to come out of there.


Anonymous said...

i think congress is just a bunch of big meanies for even thinking about getting rid or Oscar and the teletubbies. Well the teletubbies can go for all I care