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Saturday, June 18, 2005

For someone who doesn't have cable, I'm sure seeing a whole lot of stuff. Gotta love DVDs, torrent sites, and the old fashioned cinema.

Right now I'm downloading the final episode of the new Doctor Who, "Parting of the Ways." I'm trying so hard not to go ahead and read all the usual spoiler sites I go to. This is how remakes should be done. I'm feeling the same sort of fascination I felt with reading Geoff Johns' work - that is, until it got repetitive, out of control, and prolific in the same manner as a Biblical plague.

The Wife and I watched Batman Begins. What can I say? It delivered on everything it promised. The one and only thing that would have made the movie absolutely perfect for me was if Joe Chill said, "Ever dance with the devil by the pale moonlight?"

Last night, we finally got around to watching Outfoxed, the critique of Rupert Murdoch's FOX News Channel. It had its high points and I accept its theory wholeheartedly. But how does Robert Greenwald think he's going to exhort people to examine a propaganda machine by, essentially, becoming one?

For instance, I don't doubt that FNC used the phrase "flip flop" lots of times in reference to John Kerry over whatever span of time the filmmakers were monitoring. But, you could use the exact same monitoring on my speech over the course of the same amount of time. And, if you strung together all the times I ever said the word "fcuk," who wouldn't be convinced that I had the mouth of a sailor? I could take that sparring clip of DATU_B and me and cut it down to the two seconds that made me look like Tatang Illustrisimo.

In the end, all this does is preach to the converted. I didn't need this movie to prove that FOX News isn't anything close to "fair and balanced." Any random, thirty-minute viewing would do that. The presentation style and methodology was ingenious, but wasted. I would've remained riveted if the movie had stuck to the stories of former FNC employees whose claims were backed and verified. And, even in that regard, the movie gave me no reason whatsoever to accept anything their three anonymous sources had to say.

Anyone on the fence about FOX News with a critical eye - the very people to whom this type of film should be reaching out - is going to cast the same critical eye on this film, and that's not necessarily a good thing for Outfoxed.

Anyway, time to reflect on another urgent question: Just who is "Bad Wolf"? At this download rate, I probably won't find out until tomorrow :(.


datu_b said...

"I could take that sparring clip of DATU_B and me and cut it down to the two seconds that made me look like Tatang Illustrisimo."-Are you saying I'm your BBWG(Big Bumbling White Guy)? Look at any martial video and there they are.

Or are you saying you look old and Filipino? :)

A fine argument of out of context comment usage, because lets face it journalists can be lazy. Having their minds made up and tweaking a quote to fit is far easier than the truth