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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Call it a little break from the posts about moving and adjusting to life in upstate NY.

Did we learn nothing from Highlander 2?
New Highlander To Shoot

Highlander: The Source, envisioned as the first of three new films in the popular supernatural franchise, will shoot in Lithuania starting in October, according to an announcement by Davis-Panzer Productions, Sequence Films and Grosvenor Park. Brett Leonard (Lawnmower Man) will direct, with Adrian Paul playing the immortal Scottish swordsman Duncan MacLeod.
I just know this thing is going to make Highlander: Endgame look like Highlander: The Final Dimension.

It's meme time
I rarely do the long ones. You know, "Name five things..." But, every week, American Nerd does a survey with more or less interesting questions. By far, the most interesting question was last week's...

Describe the movie adaptation of your adolescence.

Go on, take a stab at it. You know you want to.


Datu_B said...

My childhood sucked and was boring.

Anonymous said...


I clicked this link yesterday and, living here in Ithaca...I thought I recognized your new abode.

while trying to be funny...I hope I didn't freak you out..

If I am correct...My husband is the General Manager of the apartment complex....

small world


Don said...

Well, I feel more comfortable saying this here since there're no direct trackbacks from here to that one post: You're absolutely right, that's me and that's where I am hehe.

And it did freak me out a little bit, but not that much. I figured any friend of Guru's is a friend of mine :).

Datu_B said...

"And it did freak me out a little bit..." hehehehe