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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Well, I've taken lots of martial advice from Mushtaq. I thought I'd take some musical advice from him as well. I almost missed it, in fact, because he posted his suggestion to watch The Burns Sisters Band at the Ithaca Commons right while the Mrs. and I were smack in the middle of packing for the big move. But, I caught it, and I went, and he was right--it was good music. Not necessarily my thing, but good music is good music. The vocals were impeccable and the lyrics were just about as deep as any of my faves. Defintely a band I'd go see again.

Here's the band's site.


Mushtaq Ali said...

I am a bit envious :)

I did everything I could to make the time to get up there but it's "no rest for the wicked" I guess.

I am glad you enjoyed them.