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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Even though in the big scheme of things it's never really mattered to thousands upon thousands, the prospect of someone from Ohio wanting to spend time in Michigan (or vice versa) always raises eyebrows with some, especially if you've lived in Columbus (Go, Bucks!). So, why would an Ohio boy be heading out for a weekend in October?

For the Fall Gathering seminar from Innovative Martial Arts, of course. If I can work out transportation issues, I'll get to train with Mushtaq Ali al Ansari and Steve Van Harn, among others. I'm always up for more knife fighting techniques; the prospect of learning Zulu knife techniques is just too good to pass on. See, all those essays your teachers forced you to write about "Compare and contrast x, y, and z" can be good for something, in this case comparing Filipino, Western, and now African knife fighting styles.

And, my hand will probably be fully healed by then--I can now hold weapons again--so I might actually be able to do some work!


B said...

This would be alot easier if we were both in Ohio ;) If I can clear transport problems I'll on it. Gas guzzler needs repairs :(