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Monday, August 01, 2005

T-minus 12 hours until move time:

i hate moving 3 she hates moving, too 3

The looks on our faces still haven't completely faded.

T-minus 9.5 hours until move time: No, more than 2.5 hours had passed. It's just that we grossly underestimated the moving and cleaning time.

last donkey

These were our last purchases from Donkey Coffee. Note the "symbol of the day"--very appropos in Ivy League's eyes.

T-minus 2 hours until moving time: 75% of the truck filled with 95% of our stuff. The other five percent we would pick up at my parents' house in Cleveland.

75 percent

T-minus 30 minutes until moving time: After cleaning up, dinner, and a quick shower, we spent time pondering the close of the first chapter of our lives--not that we got all maudlin or anything ;).

empty1 empty2 empty3

More when I get more energy back...
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Datu_B said...

I always think pictures of an empty place are sad and happy. You reflect on all your time there, but it's all cleaned away with little or no trace. I then view it as a clean slate and get happy and anxious thinking about where I'll land next.

Ms. Bizarro said...

that is a HORRENDOUS picture of me! Take it down immediately! OR at least crop me out!!!