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Friday, August 12, 2005

For the first time in a long, long time, I can truly say my week has been more or less quiet. That is not to say that nothing's been happening, though. I offer this truncated version, partly for the reasons I'll outline below.

Lefty - I sort of damaged my right hand in a training mishap. Ok, I wish. It was mindless punching as I went to sit down on the floor, and my hand connected with said floor. I think I dislocated my pinky knuckle, but managed to put it back before my mind could process what was happening, which is a good thing. Actually, I thought I broke it. But after enough balur and ice, the swelling is waaay down, and its range of movement is improving too quickly to have been a break. Obviously, this makes typing difficult, but not impossible.

Training Prospects - I've written about my contact with the instructor of the local FMA/WMA school here. In our second round of emails, I frankly explained my current financial situation (i.e. I have none), to which he politely and quite correctly responded with what his rates were and suggestions for alternatives around town. (Slightly pricey, but for who he is and the material he's offering, it's really quite inexpensive overall.) I wrote him back to thank him for his information and suggestions, as well as my intent to "see what your group is about as soon as I can." This, as well as possibly dropping a name that I resisted dropping to begin with, are the only reasons I can think of for him emailing me back with an invitation to check out his group next week, even after his frankness about his costs, especially his pricey one-time "Don't waste my time fee" for new students.

Currently Reading or Have Read:
  • Cory Doctorow's Craphound, 0wnz0red, and Shadow of the Mothaship
  • Brian Bendis's Hellspawn (Issues 1-5), with Jinx, Torso, and Goldfish on tap.
  • Any peroiodical with job listings
  • Ansen Dibell's Plot, and two other books from the Writers Digest series. Gotta love the Tompkins County Public Library.
I Dislike Remakes - How much? Next Tuesday morning, click here to find out.

Sunday Dinner III - Potluck party this Sunday with 4 adults and 2 children confirmed. I remember when 2 guests were too much for us to handle.

That's all my addled brain can recall right now. If there's anymore, I'll let y'all know.


datu_b said...

"I remember when 2 guests were too much for us to handle."-That's only because I'm at least two kids trapped in one adult body.

Sorry about the finger. Been there, done that, got the arthitis.

Don said...

Aw, dammit, I was afraid of that...

datu_b said...

" Aw, dammit, I was afraid of that..." When I make a tight fist my hand makes a sound similar to a walnut cracking and a deck of cards being shuffled.