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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

We had a problem the night before getting into the apartment itself, since we arrived after the Rental Office Hours. But, thanks to a nice, new neighbor and a responsive maintenance man, we got in after a brief wait.

The next day, after much hanging out with our help, we started the unpacking process, which really amounted to unpacking a few things and blowing an ungodly amount of money on miscellaneous things we needed. But all in all, it was still good.

Needless to say that we did follow the truck's advice as we were emptying it the night before.

the truck empty truck

By the way, Budget kicks ass.

The first two rooms we cobbled together were the living room and the dining room. A dining room with tables and chairs so that, as DATU_B said about his similar experience after his recent move, we can actually sit and eat like adults.

I love having furniture from each of the periods of my life. Ivy League likes the "retro swank," but it's something else for me. For instance, that bulbless lamp and coffee table are just slightly older than I am. As a toddler, I smashed my head into every corner of that table at one time or another. The futon is straight from Athens and used to belong to Mr. and Mrs. DATU_B. Ah, all the beer drinking and movie watching...

futon first supper

And, at the risk of sounding maudlin again, the other picture is that of our first Sunday dinner in our new home. Ivy League, partially due to her half-Italianness, was determined to reinstitute "the Sunday dinner" into her life, which is more than fine with me. Next week, we'll probably have Mamazoo over, now that she's a mere 45 minutes away.

Well, that's our move. Thank God "Ithaca or Bust" was not a bust. I need to find something productive to do, now, not the least of which is find a jobby-job.

Anyone hiring a former mental health worker with retail skills, fair-to-middlin' martial arts skills, an overactive imagination, and an overstocked vocabulary in the Ithaca, NY area?
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datu_b said...

New place looks sweet!

I love that the Sunday dinner has lumpia lol

Don said...

Since you've got the "Weapons of the Moroland" shield, I got to represent the PI somehow ;).