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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Well, Ivy League, being the busy-bee that she is regardless of her energy level, has managed to get most of the house in order. Not that I haven't done my fair share, mind you (I think even she'll admit that much ;)). My favorite of her work: the swanky shower curtain in the bathroom.

curtain swank command and control

Sometime after the kitchen and dining areas got done, I got around to fixing up my new "command and control center" aka my Office Space.
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Anonymous said...

ok...my favorite coffee shop is Gimme Coffee..they roast there own...have wireless connection.....a few blocks from the commons on cayuga st (north)
and another location on State St...toward rt. 13...

Enjoy Ithaca...

we love it


Don said...

I have driven past both, I believe. I'll have to try them out!

Ms. Bizarro said...

I had my first cup of Gimme Coffee yesterday at their new little trailer that's on campus not far from my building. That's some tasty-fine java!