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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Today was another successful weekend day of food, fun, and friends. Ivy League and I got to see some friends that we hadn't seen in a few months along with a certain Irish clan who helped us move in three weeks ago.

Unfortunately (depending on one's POV), there were no pictures. We were all too busy eating, drinking, giving threepenny tours of the new place, and, well... eating and drinking. It was mostly a pot luck affair. My contributions were breaded chicken patties (there were supposed to be breasts, but, oddly enough, two out of the three grocery chains around us don't seem to have them) that I baked and topped with E's home made spaghetti sauce and parmesian cheese.

I'm mostly over being full and tipsy, but I'm feeling rather sore due to the impromptu chiropractic adjustment I got. Don't worry, it was from a practicing chiropractor who was one of our guests. He happened to be E's old chiropractor once upon a time, and she swore by him. From what I saw, his diagnostic skills are very, very good. I guess I had a lot of little problems, which isn't surprising.

I've had minor adjustments in the past, but by D.O.s. I've never been cracked like this. I never knew cracking that loud could be done so painlessly. And, there was loud cracking. Back and neck. I felt the cracks all the way up to the base of my skull. He did another Dx rundown, and I guess I was sufficiently messed up that he had to adjust my arm a little tiny bit. No cracking, but a third Dx rundown satisfied him.

E immediately noticed the difference in my posture. The Wife and I felt along my neck and spine, and all I can say is that it feels topgraphically different back there. Even better, I noticed a couple of hours later that my legs were awful sore. Why better? Because I also noticed my feet. I'm not sure how long they've been this way, but they had slowly taken to being turned inward about 5° (along the length, that is). Some other friends who do massage noticed this a few months ago, and wondered about any back tension I might have had, which of course they found before I told them where it was. Well, after this adjustment, my feet are straight and flat. I can tell the difference when I walk, too. My weight is being borne throughout each foot. Of course, that means the muscles in my legs/back are fighting as they try to figure out whether or not to stay where they belong, or go back where they were before.

I've got to go back to this guy. He's a little under an hour away, but his prices are very reasonable, at least they were five or six years ago as E remembers. In any case, he's worth every penny (that I don't yet have, but hopefully will be the time I can use another adjustment).


Datu_B said...

You lucky bastard...My back is sore as I read this ;) I need to find me a chiro and pay his rent for him.

Don said...

Just make sure you shop around--E learned that lesson the hard way. Every chiro in Ohio she tried sucked compared to this guy.

Ms. Bizarro said...

Seriously, no one can hold a candle to Dr. Mike. Hey, you can always come out here for adjustments every 6 months or so! ;)