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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Today is day three of wedded bliss! And, it's been just that, too. The irony is that only two things are really different. First, there’s the ring. Second is the real sense of responsibility for and to the person I’ve married.


We just got back from the honeymoon yesterday. Yes, we've got pictures and stories to tell. They'll soon be posted, bit by bit, on a new blog that I’m in the process of putting together.

For now, I’ll simply let all of you know that our wedding was small – E and I, DATU_B and his wife, MR. AND MRS. FIVE-O, the celebrant, her husband and two “crashers” (who we were glad to see). It was a simple ceremony conducted by the resident Lama of Karma Thegsum Chöling in Columbus, during which prayers were intoned and vows were exchanged.

After a dinner at a very nice restaurant, we honeymooned at the Ash Cave Cabins -- it was quite simply the single most restful and relaxing experience I've ever had, and sharing it with my new wife made it all the better.


To whom it may concern, thank you for all the well-wishes, the cards, and the presents!
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