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Monday, March 21, 2005

E and I are in Cleveland right now visiting with my parents before the wedding. We got here late Saturday night and are heading back early Tuesday morning. It's just nice to spend time with the folks as a single person one last time.

I have to mention that we delayed the announcement of our wedding until the last possible second. As far as they knew, E and I were planning for June. Then, we decided to go small and local, mostly for financial reasons, but also to be fair. E's family would have quite a hike to get to our wedding, and we both felt it really wouldn't be fair to have my family come down (and, they would, given half the chance) and not E's.

All in all, my parents surprised me again with how supportive they were. Dad was a tad disappointed, though. I know it's not just that he won't be present, but that "the family" (i.e. every clan member from here to the Philippines) won't be able to be there. But, all in all, he's still very supportive, and I'm glad.

We've got a bit of shopping to do, and then we should be good to go when we return to A-Town tomorrow morning! Then, I figure we'll have about two or three hours of peace until the real fun begins! Don't be surprised if there's no blogging between today and when we get back from the honeymoon, although I'm sure I'll be able to sneak in a picture or two.


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