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Friday, March 11, 2005

Well, like I said in previous posts, the new training protocols are helping, especially when someone else is present to spot mistakes.

Last night, I left a little early. It not that the stuff wasn't fun, because it was. And, I understand it's one of the last sessions of the quarter, so things traditionally loosen up. But, if you're going to conduct a lesson, it might be a good idea to present them in such a way that the people you're instructing might stand a chance at retaining some of the information. The person I used to call the ONE_ARMED_BANDIT, aka Mr. "Did you learn your kung fu system from a freakin' video?" was running things.

The hubud work was great. The Cimande was great, too - I needed a review. Oh, the three bruises per arm have now just melded into one big one per arm. The Silat Serak drills were nice - I liked those the best because, once again I find more similarities between silat and my kung fu system. But, once the Mande Muda footwork stuff started, my mind started shutting down, although not before I noted that some of the stepping made some of the stepping from my old kung fu make more sense. I just didn't see the point of drilling something I was going to forget tomorrow or that would make me forget what I wanted to remember by tomorrow. I would've brought a notebook if I thought any of that stuff was going to go on last night, but hey. Them's the breaks.

It was then I realized - the session wasn't meant to teach anyone anything so much as show off what six months of going to seminars will get you (one with a de Thouars, of course). But, I suppose it's better than learning from a video (b@$tard).

But, that's just my opinion. I could be wrong.