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Friday, July 15, 2005

Talk about "Big Score" -- not only did Ivy League score herself a job that issues her a Mac G4 laptop, she scored us an awesome two-bedroom deal. It was a dark picture, so I had to up the brightness and the contrast.

Here's a new shot of the Commons as well as what will probably be my "new home." It's a little bright, I know, but maybe I'll photosynthesize better or something.

Ok, here's the best part. This place really does have most of the comforts of Athens, and then some...



datu_b said...

I'm super happy for you two!!!

datu_b said...

BTW that apartment pic looks gorgeous! French double doors and a fireplace (working or not it's a great look) I'm glad both of your patience, hard work and dedication has started to come to fruition.

Don said...

Oh, the fireplace works, all right. That way, when you and the wife come out for a visit, we can sit by the flame if it's chilly, OR we can chow down in calzones and Saranac Adirondak Amber, which I don't expect to have any trouble getting in NY!

Anonymous said...

"... we can chow down in calzones and Saranac Adirondak Amber" -Home, sweet home.

datu_b said...

sorry that last post was me.

E said...

my only complaint: electric stove. ah well... can't have everything I suppose.