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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

From The Wife's blog

Just picked up an email from the Ivy school on the hill in Ithaca: they've reviewed my portfolio and want to do a 2nd interview today!!!!!!! She's gonna contact me a bit later to talk more. Oh my goddess! This is it - the final frontier. If they offer me the job I'm flying to Ithaca this weekend to get an apartment set up. If they turn me down, I don't know what I'll do but it will probably involve frozen alchoholic beverages. Stay tuned for developments later today...
As Mr. Dynamite says: Yessssssssssssss!

Well, it was a short phone interview, and while nothing's in the bag yet, they're flying her out to next Tuesday. Flying her out -- what does that tell you? Sure, she could theoretically blow it all by saying something like, "Yeah, now it won't be long 'til I have your job!" Or "Why don't you put a couple more zeroes at the end of that figure, then we can talk." But, faux pas like that aside...


Mushtaq Ali said...

Too kewl! You are another step closer to the occasional weekend of Martial fun in the forest"!

datu_b said...

You lucky bugger :p

defiant goddess said...

Awesome. Best wishes!

Steve VH said...

You better believe he's lucky!

Don said...

I count myself lucky, B, but Dekiti Tirsia Siradas is hard core! I looked up GM Tortal's entry in one of Wiley's FMA books -- he seems to like fatigues as much as Doc Gyi, so it'll be just like A-Town!