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Monday, July 11, 2005

Yes, Cornell is still considering other applicants, and absolutely nothing is in the bag yet. We'll know by Wednesday night.

But, on Thursday, The Wife has an appointment to see an apartment, set up by her interviewer...

More and more, this is going to end up being a 100% sure thing or a 100% mindfcuk.


datu_b said...

I'm there for for ya 100%!!

defiant goddess said...

That would just be cold to have the interviewer set up an apartment preview and then not get the gig. Cold indeed. Sounds like it's in the bag but they've got their "processes" to get through. Dot I's. Cross T's. Good luck to you!

Don said...

Thanks, all!

We're thinking that the interviewer really wants her, but still has to make sure all sorts of other people are on board. You know how it is with jobs like that in places like that -- someone's cousin probably thought they had it in the bag. And, if all the Is aren't crossed and the Ts dotted, they'll find a way to slide in there, right past the wife, if they can.