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Monday, July 18, 2005

...because having been up since 3:30 AM, I believe DATU_B when he says he plans to use his old job skills to sell this:


Datu_b said...

What I'm *made* for this job. I have a valid insurance license, I can sell snd at the beach and I hate ninjas (stupid tabi boot wearin Stephen Hayes/Ashid Kim wannabes).

With this on my resume you'll bet I'll be one baaad MammaJamma on Monster...

Don said...

You better hope a ninja doesn't read that, flip out, and then kill you ;).

E said...

I love how it's from Clear Channel.

Don said...

Give it ten years, max, before they're the ones sponsoring NPR. That damn Bush...

datu_b said...

I love NPR and it's "Liberal Bias". Bush...he's the reason I had to lay a light verbal smack-down at last training. A kid equated muslim=terrorist. I politely told him no; I've got a slew of them as friends and none have bombed me yet ;)