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Thursday, July 28, 2005

I've pointed out how similar Ithaca is to Athens. Others have pointed out, "Hey... those are both Greek names, you know?" But, even though I can't see myself saying "Damn, I really want to move back to Athens!" there will be some things about it I'll miss.

I ate one last time at my favorite Chinese restaurant yesterday. I've walked up and down Court Street visiting all the spots I used to. And now, I'm spending some last moments at Donkey Coffee and Espresso - the best coffee shop in the world.

We get the truck and leave tomorrow. We head for Cleveland to pick up the rest of our stuff and head out to NY on Saturday.

The next entry I post will (unless I miraculously gain some time between now and the move) be as a New Yorker!


DATU_B said...

I don't miss A-Town at all. I do miss Donkey...*sniff* and Club...*whimper* I hope you two have a ball in Ithica hopefully Guru Mustaq will correct all the bad habits Club and I have instilled in you ;)

Mushtaq Ali said...

Have a safe trip.

See you in NY