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Thursday, July 14, 2005

I'm in one of E's old Columbus haunts where I just got off the phone with her. She should be in the air right now on her way to Charlotte, then to C-town.

Supposedly most of "The Committee" were consulted and approved the decision to make the wife an offer, which she accepted. Henceforth, she shall be referred to as Ivy League!

She also scored us a nice two-bedroom place in the same complex as her boss where, because of said boss, we got a break on the rent which includes AC, basic cable, and internet access! God, compared to A-town, I'm going to feel like I'm living like the Prince of Brunei.

"Yeah, we're movin' on up... to the east side... to a deeeeluxe apartment in the sky-hi-hi!"


datu_B said...


Ivy League said...

Fucking A, indeed.

datu_b said...

" Fucking A, indeed." Wow. Now that she's Ivy League she even swears in a dignified manner ;)