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Friday, July 01, 2005

Well, our two dear friends have left for MO which, I guess, isn't really the "Wild West," as I put it before. Turns out the machete wasn't the last gift. I've got a birthday present on the way (Damn, that's in three days!) and he gave me his copy of Gene Simco's Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Basics: Mastering The Essential Techniques on permanent loan. I tried to return it to him last night, but they really didn't have anywhere to stash it.

My BJJ library is growing. Did I mention that another friend gave me his copy of the Gracies' Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Self Defense Techniques?

Anyway, with our friends-base dwindling, A-Town's feeling a bit less like home, now. That isn't necessarily a bad thing, in that we hope to be out of here in a month.

"Everything has its time," as The Doctor says. We say goodbye, we hopefuly say hello again, and more than likely we'll be saying hello to more and more new people.