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Saturday, July 09, 2005

This was a shot of our loot from DATU_B and his wife's yard sale before they moved to Parts Unknown, MO (Ok, Columbia). Today, I scored some more loot from a yard sale that was across the street from my house.

I walk out the door on the way here (the coffee shop) to check my email. I see the yard sale and figure, "What the hell?" So, I go over there and find that they had an HP Deskjet 920c color/photo printer for sale for $15. They must've wanted to get rid of it, because the first thing the seller said when I was looking at it was "It's my friend's, and she says she'll take $12." Needless to say, I snatched it up faster than a strung-out coke addict goes after a pile of white powder that he doesn't know is really powdered sugar.

Anyway, it was sans cable and other stuff, but the owner forgot to take out the white paper/photo paper that was inside it. So, I just downloaded all the drivers and documentation that's online, and just need to buy a cable, and I'm all set to go!


datu_b said...

Nice buy! The paper left in it is more than $15.