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Friday, January 21, 2005

I realize a coffee shop is a public place, but for Christ's sake, how is that license to allow five-year-olds (wtf are they doing at a coffee shop at quarter to noon, anyway?) to run around the place making noise?

Every couple of days I'm in here, a couple of dads show up and bring their kids. The dads chat while their kids (always within eyesight of them) proceed to climb about the couches, making forts of the cushions, crying, screaming, laughing, and doing all the things kids at a day care would do.

Except that this isn't a f**king day care! I don't blame the kids - what the heck else is there for five-year-olds to do at a coffee shop? I blame the f**king dads. Buy a coffee maker, for God's sake. I don't blame the kids at all, but I hope one of them falls on their heads just so that these ignorant motherf**king dads gets a hard lesson about childcare.

Hey, I'm not anti-parent or anti-child. In fact, it's my Libertarian attitude showing through. Anyone can do anything they want with themselves or their children - so long as it doesn't f*ck with my hussle.