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Thursday, January 13, 2005

This week, I've had one of those rare occassions of enjoying two consecutive days off. I've spent a lot of that time poring deeply over the Inosanto book, making notes just as I would any other textbook.

I spent an hour reading and re-reading the section on body angling while I had coffee and breakfast at the local "hippie hangout" by my house. I've lived in this town over a year now, and this was the third time I've ever gone there. I like it - it's nice and quiet, and if you sit in the right place, you can almost get the vestiges of someone's wireless internet signal.

Before doing the laundry E and I were way behind on, I stopped at the other "hippie dippy" hangout, a grocery store near the laundromat, to buy E's preferred herbal tea-tree-hugging moisturizer. I shouldn't say that - I, in my metrosexual ways, use it all the time myself, which is why I thought it was fair that I spring for this round.

Laundry took way longer than usual (and E will be the first to tell you that I take my slow-@$$ time, too). Aside from the mounds of stuff we had, I decided I was going to do the whole shebang at once. And, not only that mound, but some other stuff that's been in the trunk of the car since time immemorial and had gotten moldy over the past... must've been two days, because a 5 liter jug of leftover water, also in the car since time immemorial, must have sprung a leak. I sure didn't smell anything a couple of days ago, but there it was. I got to spray it down with Lysol after washing the affected articles three times. The true test will be when E gets home to see whether or not her sensitive nose detects it.

Well, now I'm killing time on the net before Fight Club. I just received a small bit of good news which I won't mention just now, but expect to see it in the next couple of days. I'm rather proud of myself over it...