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Monday, January 03, 2005

Aside from these two books, I've got one more to pore through...

That's right, b**tches...  Posted by Hello

Between these, kamagong sticks, training with DATU_B, and perhaps the ol' Fight Club... oooh, yeah...

I figure I've got about 6 months to cram in all the martial arts training I possibly can. I've got workout partners; now all I need is the motivation. I'm going to at least the first week of Fight Club tomorrow. I'm bringing someone from the Diamond Mine with me, who's been bugging me for weeks to start training again. He wants to learn as much stickwork as possible before embarking on his planned career as a police officer. So, I figure if I can commit to at least that much, it'll get me out of the house to work out. Not to mention everything I still have to learn from DATU_B... although that might not be so urgent of E can talk him and his wife to move out to upstate NY with us.