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Monday, January 17, 2005

Today's the second day in a string of "two days off from the Diamond Mines." This late in the day, I've managed to accomplish even less than I did yesterday.

When I could've been blogging about how much E and I enjoyed The House of Flying Daggers, I spent an unreasonable amount of time doing web research to support the hypothesis that getting published on McSweeney's is too easy. I've heard some people who read the stuff on their website, especially the lists, say, "Geez, I could write that stuff." Many try. I tried, and first time out, I actually freakin' succeeded! I'll provide the link later (maybe - the piece does come with my last name attached to it).

I didn't want to believe the two pieces of information that would intuit the contrary, namely:
  • There are many complaints you can find online, sometimes bitter ones, about being rejected multiple times.
  • These "sucky writers" who got published "too easily" can say they now share the same forum as Eggers, Chabon, Hornby, Ellison, and King.
If anything, I stand a greater chance of being accused of having been transmogrified into a pseudo-intellectual, po-mo, smug, self-satisfied, hipster pouseur of a hack. But, I'm ok with that.