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Friday, January 14, 2005

It's official - I'm waaay too f**king out of shape. Couldn't even do half of a ten-lap cardio run. Now, I did manage to make it through the TKD-style kicks the club drilled. Man, it's been over a year since the last time I helped anyone with the mechanics of a dwi chuggi.

Probably the most useful drill last night was on using vectoring footwork to maneuver past someone firing jab/cross combos. I threw in some more JKD/bare-knuckle boxing concepts and managed to fire some back. It was pretty awkward at first until I managed to work on pulling STRETCH_ARMSTRONG's guard down and just going for the straight blast right to the chops.

I'll tell you, STRETCH must be going through BJJ material the way I've been going through the Inosanto book. Every session, he's got a brand new pain-inducing lock he wants to try. It's become my job to point out if/how those moves can be countered. I'm no expert, but I figure that it's better that he learns his vulnerabilities from a schmuck rather than from someone who really knows what he's doing.

Speaking of schmucks, BILLY_JACK has returned! There isn't much to report, though. He was pretty toned-down, so I don't even have any of his stupid saying to post. Oh, well, I guess it was only a matter of time, though. He was a bit disappointed upon hearing that weapons weren't going to be a big focus this quarter. Which is ok by me, because last night should be the last night I'll have to pay to get in this quarter, as DATU_B and I should have our Coaches Pass by next Tuesday, depending on whether the Club Sports Office is open for the holiday.