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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

I was reading the chapter on Triangulations of Footwork and Striking in the Inosanto book, particularly the section on defensive footwork. I need to read it about three more times, but it's helped me get a better sense of the application, especially when supplemented by the clip on dogbrothers.com on footwork.

How can I describe having this 24 year old book? Training with DATU_B (who gave me the book in the first place), the random bits and pieces I've picked up elsewhere, and the other FMA books is sort of like having a very big and comprehensive dictionary. The Filipino Martial Arts is like having my first grammar book!

In any case, I mapped out a little footwork training progression for myself, from simple footwork, including offensive/defensive strikes based on ideal and not-so-ideal stepping positions. I've got to get on the working-out ball, and I really can't put the blame on anyone else but myself. There are a hundred-and-one solo things I could be training, at least 25% of which can be done in my living room.