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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

My legs are only now recovering from all the langkahs I did last Sunday. Tonight, I've got a training session with my Bando friend (note to self: dig out black t-shirt). And, to make matters worse, I've done my first (three-day late) set for the Texas Kali Challenge. Just me, my sticks, my patio, and a pair of flip-flops. The best way to train when you don't have a partner readily available. The only things missing were cigarettes and some San Miguel beer.

training - filipino style

I did 40 cinco teros repetitions and 25 reps of my 12-angle pattern. It's been particularly revealing, too. I've discovered some issues of mechanics to work out. For instance, a full-power hit to an opponent's left hip followed by a high stab to his right shoulder. Easy enough to work slow but when I try at more than 3/4 power, my technique goes to utter shite.

There's footwork involved, too. I wonder if I could count all the langkah work for that? Anyway, I've got to have some left over for tonight. I've also got two days to catch up on, and I've yet to dare to try working with the one kamagong I have left.