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Monday, April 04, 2005

You think that there are still some havens against the rising tide of Conservatism's influence? Do you doubt that the same zeitgeist that allowed Dubya to be re-elected lacks the power to reach across time and space, literally and figuratively? Well, doubt no more. From SciFiDaily...
If you're a SciFiDaily reader who does not live in the United States, count yourself lucky. Unless, of course, you live in a theocracy more rigid than ours. A University of Chicago student (and mind you, these students tend to be uncommonly intelligent and perceptive) posted a letter on The Suck Fi Channel Web site, a letter that simultaneously brings great sadness and great anger. He writes: "I recently received the Star Trek DVD collection (Season One)...having watched several of the episodes, I believe that they've been censored a bit! For example, in 'Charlie X,' I distinctly remember Kirk patting Yeoman Rand on the butt, and then Charlie imitates him. The scene...is missing."
Now, to be fair, this is a country that allows stuff like this to be disseminated online.