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Friday, April 22, 2005

As it turns out, I will not be fighting in the local toughman competition. That's because it's no longer a toughman competition. Only students signed up to participate in the training program being run in lieu of the school's boxing club may participate. Apparently, someone from the state of Ohio caught wind of what's been going on in Athens for the past thirty years, and they started throwing dirty words around like "insurance" and "license" and "unacceptable likelihood of injury."

That's too bad, because I went to their training session last night (and I was invited to continue, which I will), and was able to jump in with little problem. They'll intensify, but last night didn't seem any harder than anything I'd get in Fight Club. My footwork saw an immediate improvement and the line drills actually helped my technique during one of the drills in Fight Club, which I did attend directly after boxing.

Man, it was rough. I was pretty dehydrated and had to get water, literally, every five minutes. Anyway, the drills were mostly panantukan destructions. We did one that was a backfist to a punch coming to our abdomen. It's funny how 30 minutes of catching jabs will help with the coordination, so that I could focus on putting some power behind it. Please, no JKD comments on how I'll never pull that off in a real fight. Empty hand, I'd have trouble. But, with a stick or knife...?

My favorites came later... Cimande! DATU_B decided to go a little harder than usual. "Hey, you've got the magical solution, so I don't wanna hear it!" in reference to the Balur Cimande I received. It wasn't so much that he went harder. He just used the counters more often. Of course, I had to take pre-balur pictures...

cimande fun  more cimande fun

The bruises on the left arm got darker by the minute. Since the application of balur, they've melded into one big bruise, something that usually doesn't happen until a couple of days. The right arm has no visible bruises. That's because it got the most damage. There were bumps and some swelling which B helped to (painfully) massage out. The bruise only appeared in the last hour, but I can tell it's healing well. No bumps or anything. The bruises on the radii of my forearms haven't shown yet, but there's definitely something there.

I wonder how long it's going to be until I can do coconuts? Or go back to my old TKD school and smash cinder blocks as part of my black belt test?