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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Somehow, I made it though another four-hour workout night. Once again, I sympathize with good old Detective Murtaugh from Lethal Weapon: I'm too old for this sh!+. But, I kept up -- well, with the boxing, anyway. I'm not going to make myself look like a slacker in front of Coach Jones.

I was going to shirk Fight Club, until DATU_B said the magic words: "We're doing knife." One drill in particular was interesting because of a skill that I've been trying to develop lately, namely attacking and reattacking along the same angle. I did shirk the first 30 minutes of line drills however. Oh, I did them, but I'd already been at it for two hours, so I took them kinda easy.

Next, it was back to Korea with TKD style kicks, thanks to GURU_ANGRY McSHRINKY NUTS (formerly the ONE_ARMED BANDIT). This person, I'm sad to say, is developing into exactly the sort of martial artist that gives Mixed Martial Artists a bad name. And, although I have no direct proof, I suspect (as do others, I found out later) that he's having, shall we say, "hormonal assistance" with his body building.

I've mentioned before that GURU_ANGRY is the sort who frequently attends all sorts of seminars and can't wait to pass on what he's learned, usually in the form of demonstrating the moves on people who don't know what the hell he's trying to teach them. But, what else can you expect? GURU_ANGRY doesn't understand half the techniques he's teaching. Hello, why does he think he feels the need to explain the same five techniques week after week? Oh, he can DO them, and in most cases, can do them well. But, let him do a technique against someone like DATU_B who can launch a counter, and you'll see GURU_ANGRY with egg on his face in pretty short order. At least I'm at the point now where B has to take the trouble to work over my pathetic attempts to counter before he sinks a technique in.

If you're not convinced about what a git he (an otherwise OK guy) can be, I'll tell you an unbiased firsthand account of something I witnessed. GURU_ANGRY is continuing his studies in TKD; I see him working out with their club before Boxing Club starts. Incidentally, he's apparently too good to work out in a gi like everyone else (ok, that was less than biased - sue me). After their workout was over, what do I see? I see him taking a fellow student's white belt and tries to show her sarong techniques. Ok, maybe he was trying to get laid. But, you can't tell me he didn't enjoy the look of "whoa" on her face as she fell over with her arm trapped in her own belt. Ok, enough about that.

Afterward, was Cimande. Yes, there are new bruises. Yes, I used the balur and they feel great! Well, not great, but the knots are out. And, DATU_B's right. I do giggle after I wince and curse in pain. I should really start "pre-treating" my limbs as B suggests.

Maybe I'll try to run home before work and put another coating on.