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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Ha ha, fcukers! Posted by Hello

I got it and didn't pay a penny, all for the live tracks from their concert last year with Earth, Wind & Fire. They did Chicago's "If You Leave Me Now", in the original key, with Philip Bailey singing and EWF's "After the Love is Gone", co-written and, this time, sung by Bill Champlin. They weren't the cleanest performances, but they were good to hear. I'm utterly sick of "concert recordings" overdubbed with studio performances and sweetened up with Pro Tools! And, it's everywhere nowadays - rap and R&B recordings, country, contemporary Christian music, to say nothing about the pap you hear pushed on TRL.

Yes, I stole it, thanks to my trusty torrent downloader. I consider it fair recompense, seeing as I already own every other album that every other song on Love Songs has appeared in... jerks.

And, don't give me that "two wrongs" crap. If only it were two wrongs. "Hard Habit to Break," for example, appears on Chicago 17, Greatest Hits, 1982-1989, The Heart of Chicago, Vol. 1, Chicago XXVI, not to mention the concert videos Live at the Concord (bootleg, but still), ...And the Band Played On, In Concert at the Greek Theatre, and Soundstage. That's eight times. Nine, if you count their double Very Best Of... album from Rhino, which I refused to buy, and TEN for Love Songs. As great a song it is, no one should have to pay for it 10 times over. Wait, I DID pay 10 times over because I eventually had to buy the CD to replace my worn out cassettes. Crap, that's 12 times, because I replaced two of those cassettes with CDs.

So yeah, I stole it. And, seeing as the score is Don: 2, Chicago: 12, I slept like a baby last night! I'll save my pennies for the upcoming Chicago XXX.
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