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Thursday, April 28, 2005

I didn't do boxing club tonight. I needed a break. I was ridiculously tired this morning and I decided, for once, to accept my age and take a break. And, believe it or not, I was ok with it. I got four hours in, though. The first two were earlier in the day with DATU_B, FMA in true Filipino fashion, as depicted below.

more training - filipino style

Stick work interspersed with BSing and the "blessing" of St. Michael (even if it did come in liquid form). San Miguel is where I draw the line, though. B and I don't smoke, and I don't know any orasyones. I was born in Cleveland, after all.

I gave DATU_B the first 1/2 of the balur to which he's entitled. The only decent sized bottles I found were 10mL at the local natural foods/herbs/etc store. I was low on cash and they were pricey, so I got two. I figure two more will do the trick. Filling the first bottle was tricky, though. I poured out a little too much and ended up spilling about a week's worth out. Luckily, the sink was clean, so what else could we do but scoop up the excess and treat our elbows and shins. B had a bruise on his shin which lightened up noticeably as the afternoon went on. With stuff like that, who needs orasyones?

GURU_ANGRY McSHRINKY NUTS was not in attendance today, which was too bad. Well, no, actually it was quite good since B actually got to do some FMA with the rest of club properly - that is, actually teaching. Which, for those with "homonally-addled" brains means showing a technique, explaining its application, and explaining the principles you're trying to teach them (if they're ready).

It's amazing the responses you get when you're focused on your learners instead of getting your own training in at their expense. Some of them will get it if you simply correct their mistakes. Some of them get it only after you explain exactly what makes their error an error. Sometimes, you even get intelligent questions. I got asked "Do FMAers ever attack the knees?" Considering the pitiful amount of attention GURU_ANGRY has given to basics, I'm not surprised that I was asked that question. I'm not surprised that the officers only have the faintest ideas of what dead patterns are. Sure, I understand not everyone likes them. But, I also understand making the opposite mistake of excessive dead pattern training which is excessive drilling. And, GURU_ANGRY has "expressed interest" in live stick sparring Dog Bros. style? Are you sh!++ing me? I saw people trying to do knife guntings with the blunt edge of their single edged wooden training knives. What am I to think they're going to do with a stick?

Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating. I hope I'm exaggerating. I mean, I'm no expert. I've got to be the lowest-skilled Filipino doing Filipino Martial Arts, but I've studied other arts long enough to know when someone doesn't even have basics down in any martial art. Enough ramble. Bed time.