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Sunday, April 17, 2005

So, picture this. It's my day off from the Diamond Mines, so I sleep in rather late, but finally decide to get out of bed around 11:40 AM. My feet haven't even touched the floor when I heard my phone ring. It's DATU_B who asked me if I was going to the silat/FMA seminar that the Fight Club hosted over the weekend. I forgot about it since I couldn't attend yesterday (the first day), but went along today, throwing myself and my stuff together in twenty minutes. B picked me up; it must've been a sight to see. There I was in sunglasses, black gi pants, and a sleeveless t-shirt standing on the corner with two small black bags and a length of something stuck inside of a case. I was picked up by a black Jeep being driven by a man in a black jacket and black sunglasses. This is why Bando people in this town get a bad rep (even though neither of us study Bando).

Anyway, soreness aside, I'm glad I went. The seminar was conducted, as I understand it, by two former Fight Club officers who've went on to study Mande Muda and Minangkabau Harimau silat as well as gain instructorships (well, one of them) in B's old kali system.

Most of what I learned (big surprise) has left, although I find myself still remembering the principles of what I've learned. It's easy when I've discovered, yet again, similarities between silat movements and those of my old kungfu. From the silat, I think we went over three lankahs, applications, and some empty hand knife-tapping type stuff. The FMA stuff, some of which I captured on digital video, was what I was the most interested in. I learned an invaluable knife drill as well as, for the first time, worked with pieces parts of a sayaw and their applications.

Between all that stuff, and those clips of Tatang, Ybañez, and Sanchez, my brain's about to explode. I've been watching Tatang do cadena real over and over and over again.