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Friday, April 01, 2005

For about a month before the wedding, folks (i.e. men) at the Diamond Mines always had something to say (usually negative) about marriage. They were all sorts -- married, single, divorced. But, generally negative.

These comments haven't stopped since I've become a newlywed. So, like Spock in the episode City on the Edge of Forever who was disgusted with himself that he didn't immediately realize that his tricorder could record the time images that The Guardian was displaying, I decided that I'm now going to record these statements.

Today, there were a couple of jokes. I present them edited for clarity (and proper English - more or less).

Have you ever heard of Hallway Sex?

It usually happens about a year into a marriage where the closest you get to sex is passing each other in the hallway and saying "F**k you."

A newlywed couple decide that each time they have sex, one dollar would go in a "hope chest" figuring at the rate they're going, they'll have a ton of money they could use to go on a nice vacation. After about a year, the husband looks in the chest and says to his wife, "Waitaminute, there's way more money here than there should be."

His wife replied, "Well, that's because I had to turn the hope chest into a community chest."