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Saturday, April 23, 2005

No, no cute title like "Doing the Hustle," or anything like that.

I've finally decided that Stephen Chow is a bonafide genius of a filmmaker. Ok, I haven't seen his previous five, but between this and Shaolin Soccer, I'm just speechless. Kung Fu Hustle is a bit darker than Shaolin Soccer, but that's because some of the themes are a bit more deep.

Plus, how many filmmakers do you know that can seamlessly blend action, drama, comedy, and, yes, spirituality all in the same film? To say nothing about all the little references he puts in his movies to just about everything under the sun: His life, his previous movies, **other movies, and Bruce Lee®.

"How's the kung fu," you ask? I got three words for you: Yuen Wo-Ping. 'Nuff said.

See it now.

**There's a blatant visual reference to a movie that's the last movie you'd expect to be referenced. I, my wife, and one other person in the theater were the only people who got it.