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Friday, April 01, 2005

Because as Martin Mull once said, "I have trouble with moving water."

Well, as with most other people whose blogs I frequent, it seems that for one (positive or negative) reason or another, the past two or three weeks have been bad for blogging. Real life often gets in the way, and that's generally a good thing. Now that I've got a bit of time and a bit of focus, let's catch everyone up.

Mama Said Knock You Out - I've got about a month to brush up on boxing techniques. I thought since I'm not going to be in A-Town for only a few months longer, I might as well take this opportunity to participate in a local tough-man competition presented by one of the town's main Bando figures. Because "You're Filipino - boxing's in your blood" as DATU_B tells me. Well, I'm certainly no Estaneslao del Campo, and to my knowledge, I'm not related to him in any way. But nothing ought to motivate me to work on my sparring problems more than the prospect of combat.

Napoleon Dynamite - I managed to sneak this DVD along with me to the honeymoon. Ok, it's not the greatest movie, and yet I like it because I knew many, many kids like this in high school, particularly being in marching band and advanced honors classes.

The thing was apparently developed from a short film entitled Peluca, which Elena enjoyed far more than Napoleon Dynamite itself. I agreed that it feature film did have the feel of a funny SNL skit made into a long and boring film.

Genetics for Dummies -


New Addictions - They're obviously my digital camera and my Flickr account, as you can tell by the photostream linkage I've added to the sidebar as well as the self-restraint site. It's like I told Elena a year ago that I never gave much thought to cameras because up until the past couple of years, there really hasn't been much in my life that I felt was worth documenting. Maybe it's just age, who knows?

I Don't Celebrate April Fool's Day - Perhaps I would if I wasn't surrounded by so many of them every day of the year.

Nothing to Do Next Monday? - Check out American Nerd for my already-dated article on the new Doctor Who (bloody b@$tard).